Operational Intelligence

Data is generated by many methods from machine logs and output from devices, to user based data generated on a minute by minute basis. Tap into this data with Komodo Analytics Powered by Splunk

Organizations today have many obstacles in their way, don’t let your machine data be one of them. Harness the power of Komodo Analytics powered by Splunk Enterprise and make use of your machine data to accelerate your operational intelligence. If you have a specific problem you are troubleshooting, a security requirement or a need to keep tabs on a mission critical application, point your log data to Komodo Analytics to help you gather the insight to this data. Komodo Analytics can take your data, ingest it into Splunk Enterprise, Index it, Search it, and Present it.


Gather data from any source and funnel it into the Komodo Analytics engine and begin to search, report, alert and predict events that will occur based on past trends.


With the power of the Splunk Processing Language and the experience of the Komodo Analytics professionals your searches, reports and alerts will bring a new insight to your data.


Komodo Analytics combines the power of Splunk Enterprise with the services and development of an award winning organization. Joseph Noga the head of the Komodo Analytics group was named the Splunk Engineer of the year in 2013, and was also a presenter at Splunk .conf 2015.

Komodo Analytics can either run in your environment or in the highly scaleable and secure Komodo Cloud.