Safeguarding Digital Assets with Komodo TruStore Digital Preservation Services

Preserving your cultural or corporate digital content for the long term requires more than typical storage clouds. For a storage infrastructure to be good enough to protect these valuable assets, you need assurances that the content has not been tampered with or changed -- either deliberately or through "bit rot" disk errors, and that the files are still healthy. You need transparency into actions taken against your stored data, especially actions that check for errors and repair damaged files. You need to know that your data is where you expect it to be (for legal or business reasons), and that you're protected against service termination.

What constitutes a storage infrastructure good enough to protect the integrity and viability of your digital content at an affordable cost?

Komodo Cloud is a hosted cloud service with numerous data centers around the United States. Komodo Cloud's NEW TruStore digital preservation service:

Protects against virus or malware damage to your files

  • Quarantines files and performs a malware scan on ingest
  • Assures files are still healthy using checksum algorithms to verify their integrity

  • On ingest, "on demand" or periodic (e.g. every 6 months) integrity checking
  • Run against individual files or entire collections
  • Uses the robust SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • The manifest of fixity check results are securely stored for your viewing and access
  • Protects content from disaster and threats

  • Multiple geographically separate copies
  • Moves replica content to one or more different Komodo Cloud data centers of your choice
  • Backup and disaster recovery availability
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurances

  • End-of-service protection
  • Service up-time (availability)
  • Option to securely host your applications alongside your data

  • Popular digital asset management (DAM) applications, such as Islandora
  • Easy transportation of your data in and out of the cloud

  • No dataset too large (can accpet 100s of terabytes of data
  • Buld ingest/export service using high-speed networks or physical media
  • Uses industry standard Baglt file packaging protocol to safely transfer files

    Komodo Cloud is a member of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) and is committed to help advance services to protect our cultural and corporate digital memory for long-term access.