Komodo Cloud, LLC partners with EView Technology

Komodo Cloud, LLC partners with EView Technology to enhance its Splunk-Powered Analytics-as-a-Service offering to include IBM Systems

Komodo Cloud, LLC, a leading provider of cloud migration services, IaaS and SaaS solutions, today announced that it has partnered with EView Technology to enable seamless integration of IBM Mainframe and iSeries (AS400) environments to the latest IT Enterprise solution platforms. EView’s applications enhance Splunk-Powered Analytics-as-a-Service offerings to include IBM mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) systems. This provides a path for Komodo to help Clients analyze their systems infrastructure with insights from Splunk. Komodo Cloud’s Analytics-as-a-Service offering, now allows clients to enjoy an end-to-end Enterprise view of the IT infrastructure, including IBM mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) environments. This enables clients to control all data through a single, easy-to-use interface, and integrates/automates processes for better security, compliance and log analysis.

It is a great opportunity for EView to work with the team at Komodo Cloud and their clients to deliver our EView Insight solutions for the Splunk platform”, stated EView President Trent Gregory., “With the availability of EView/400i Insight for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) environments and the addition of SMF data included with our EView/390 Insight for IBM mainframe environments, partnering with Komodo Cloud to provide cloud expertise, customers have a unique opportunity to enjoy a comprehensive, end-to-end IT Operational Intelligence solution via the Splunk Platform. Throughout our history, EView’s focus has been on solutions that integrate mission-critical IBM environments into the leading IT platforms. For large enterprises, these systems represent some of the richest and most important log data available in hosting mission-critical applications. By leveraging EView Intelligent Agent technology, along with expertise from Komodo Cloud, to seamlessly integrate into industry leading IT Operational Intelligence platforms: Splunk, enterprises now have the ability to gain business insights that were previously unavailable.